The Encounter

Occasionally I put pen to paper and jot down my thoughts on small events which to some would be meaningless…to me they mean the world. The following took place on a bus a few years ago and this briefest of encounters held me captive for what felt like a lifetime…a very wonderful lifetime. Still I do not know who she is, perhaps I have met her since, regardless! The human heart only seeks love…belonging! This moment will live with me forever…
By apparent chance you sit beside me

I had seen you go climb up

Now here we are

Shoulder to shoulder.
Like mirror images we sit

Heads inclined, earphones in

Occasionally shifting ourselves

Growing closer.
The bus rumbles on

The sky is getting dark

I put my head back

Eyes closed.
At times I think I feel

Your eyes on me

Suddenly I am hit

With sweetest perfume.
Who could you possibly be?

This beautiful girl

With the golden hair and

Deep dark eyes?
I look in the window pane

And catch a reflection

For one eternal moment

Eyes meeting.
You reach up to fix your hair

The beautiful curve of your neck

Your nimble fingers in hair

Working magic.
The bus reaches its destination

We gather up our things

After an all too brief thank you and smile

You go…


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