Two Weeks With Jahméne Douglas U.P – Epilogue


It is Accomplished! – Right Away

As Christ’s life draws to a close on  Calvary he offers a number of words from the cross.  He tells the Beloved Disciple John that this is his Mother.  To Mary he tells that this is her Son.  In doing so he places Mary into the care of St John, but also places St John into the care of Our Lady.  Jesus gives three stark words before bowing his head and giving up his spirit; “It is accomplished.” (John 19:30).  Jesus’ earthly work may be accomplished but the work of the Church has just begun and Mary’s work has been given a new lease of life.  In placing John into her care Christ places every single one of us into her care as well.  Mary’s love for each of us is equal to her love for St John.  She is mother of the Church and Queen of Heaven.  In accepting this role Mary watches over each of us in our daily lives, walks with us and wraps us in her mantle of loving care and protection.  Truly she is Our Lady; Mother and Queen.

I thought that would be the apt way to close this blog of Fourteen Days With Jahméne Douglas’ Unfathomable Phantasmagoria.  The reason being that while yes my time spent blogging about this album has reached it’s destination, the work still goes on.  This album will continue to touch hearts and minds and reach into those very places in our selves that we don’t let anyone else see or experience.

Right Away is a most beautiful way for Jahméne to close U.P as it really allows the album to come full circle.  We are back talking about the immediacy of God’s presence in our lives.  It’s so true that he never is too far away, he is always present to us and I think part of the message of this album – I believe – is that Jahméne is never too far away either.  He is always very keen to connect with the fans and get their feedback on the art.  He is a great source of inspiration and enlightenment on Twitter, and if you have been touched by his work then you know it is always there to listen to again and reconnect.

So tonight I am going to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the gift of Jahméne’s art.  For his music.  For his life.  I repeat the words found in Right Away:

“So  I lift my hands in total dedication

I lift my voice to give you praise

I lift my hands,

My hands to give you

All my praise.”

Thank you everyone for spending this time with me.  Don’t be afraid to get in touch and let me know what you think.

God bless you all




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