Two Weeks With Jahméne Douglas’ U.P – Day Thirteen



In yesterday’s blog I looked at the track Forever & Eternity and wanted to see where the theme of Beauty fit in with this remarkable song.  I had originally conceived that this song was a testament to romantic love.  In the end I’m not so sure anymore and believe there is indeed more to this song than that.  All in all this remains one of my favourite tracks from the album.  It is indeed reminiscent of works by artists such as Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye.  There is beauty everywhere in the world around us.  If we know where to look.  While there are sorrows and sufferings, good will always, always, Always trump evil.  Always.  It is Limitless.

Therefore I took the decision to use this theme of Limitless for the subject of today’s blog as I listen to the track Reach You.  Now from the word go this has been one of the tracks on the album which I have enjoyed the most however it is only with listening to it multiple times was I able to see just why that was the case.  What is it about this song that is so spectacular…because it is a truly epic song.  What it speaks of is indeed Limitless.

 Reach You – Limitless

Today has been a funny one for me; I started my day off in grouchy enough form after having not slept well last night.  I was helping with a post primary school retreat today which went down very well and I walked back to my car believing that I had indeed reached the children I was speaking to about matters of faith.  I got a phone call from a newspaper asking could they do an interview with me about the book I have just published which I agreed to.  The interview went (I feel) very well and I look forward to seeing the finished piece.  It’s always a bit strange for me because as one who has spent much time interviewing others to suddenly become the interviewee is a bit nerve wracking!  However I drove home feeling rather upbeat.  I put on Unfathomable Phantasmagoria once again to continue listening to Reach You (it has been playing in the car all day).

Something in particular really struck me about this song.  It is the way the track builds up bit by bit as we progress through it.  I love the wee theme at the beginning on the piano, which if you turn your speakers up loud enough (do they go all the way to eleven?) then follow that little piano tune throughout the song; it is constantly repeated and never changes.  All the way through the song this little collection of bars is repeated over and over again.  So upon one listening to the song I found myself focussing solely on the piano and finding it’s rhythm and place the whole track long…in no time at all I was conducting the piece myself in the car…I don’t know anything about conducting but nonetheless there I was waving my hand about loving every moment.

As I said there is a tremendous build in this song and the instruments come in bit by bit.  The violins make their approach as do the drums and the brass etc.  The vocals on this song alone are worth turning the music up as loud as you can.  If Jahméne has proven in the past that he is capable of vocal acrobatics then his vocals on this song are nothing short of mind blowing fantastical feats of vocal capabilities which at first seem impossible…and yet there he is just knocking it out of the park.  There is one moment in particular which I won’t spoil for anyone but when you hear it…you’ll know…hopefully you’ll say, “Dom was right!”

If we consider the lyrics of the song they too are absolutely steeped in majesty.  I don’t know why but the more I listened to this song the more I began to think “My God!  It feels like this song was written just for me!”  I couldn’t quite believe it as no song has ever had this effect on me.  I don’t know, perhaps it wasn’t actually written with me in mind but nonetheless it certainly felt that way.  Perhaps it is the persona of Jahméne that gives the listener this impression.  Regardless of who this song has been written for if I or you can listen to this and believe that someone is thinking of us then the music has served it’s purpose and Reach You has achieved it’s desire.

In my experience of this song I certainly felt free.  That’s what music surely must work to achieve isn’t it?  Should it not transcend the boundaries of everyday conventions?  Should it not make us feel that we are able to shake free from these human constraints and be the free souls God made us to be?  I think that’s why I love to dance so much.  Just getting wrapped up in the rhythm of a song and being a part of the rhythm and no longer worrying about all the everyday rubbish but just being happy being Free.  Happy being Limitless.  Because in those moments of truly connecting with the music we feel as though anything is possible and the moment feels like it could last an eternity.  Jahméne achieves this on a magnificent scale with this song.  It is incredible…and really I am struggling here; there’s only so many ways to go “Wow!” without using expletives!

As I said before I had an odd couple of days.  I have finished reading Mandy Thomas’ book You Can’t Run and I advise all to read it.  In fact I challenge you to read it.  Just be prepared for it.  I have always been a bit of a sensitive person who feels things incredibly strongly and personally…this book certainly shook me to my core and forced me to take a good look at myself.  Yet as I said in listening to Reach You I felt as though it had been written just for me.  As Jahméne beautifully attests: “There’s no shame in being afraid, in your darkest hour, you can reach out for me. Oh yes, take your time and I’ll lead the way, to a better life, a better love, old memories fade.”

Absolutely stunning.  After listening to…relistening to…and listening to some more this marvellous song I now have an item for my Bucket List…which I didn’t think I ever would!  I have said before I would like to interview Jahméne some day, but more than this, someday, some wonderful day, I would love to hear this sung live.  I want to be there and feel the music, to hear that wonderful piano theme over and over again.  I want to witness Jahméne perform his mind blowing fantastical feats of vocal capabilities which at first seem impossible!  Wouldn’t that be quite something?

Tomorrow however will see the end of the official fourteen days of blogging on the album Unfathomable Phantasmagoria…I am still not sure of where to go from here however there will be an epilogue of sorts with the hidden track on the album Right Away, but tomorrow is the official Destination of this fortnight of blogging.  That shall be topic for the song If You Just.  For now I wish to say thank you to Jahméne; you reached me.

Peace and love and blessings



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