Two Weeks With Jahméne Douglas’ U.P – An Apology


The Post I Did Not Plan

To those who are reading this, to those who read today’s post and the posts of the last number of days I offer a heartfelt apology.  I can’t believe I got it so wrong.  I knew something was missing in the posts that I had been writing and I was totally unable to put my finger on it.  Even today when I went out for my walk I was praying like mad asking “What am I doing wrong here?  There’s something I’m just not getting right but what is it?”

Tonight I finally got it.  To those who read this, particularly if by some chance Jahméne is reading this, I beg patience.  From the very beginning I have been saying that Jahméne is an artist who transcends comparison.  This is true.  I have been saying that the tracks on the album cannot be taken apart and dissected individually but rather seem to be stronger when they are a single cohesive unit.  This is true.  What I had forgotten was that Unfathomable Phantasmagoria is a work of Jahméne’s.  Therefore the album cannot exist apart from him and the story he has to tell.

Why did I forget this vital element?  Frankly I think it was because I let my gaze slip from the importance of allowing Jahméne’s story to be told and focussing more on what I wanted to say about his story.  I allowed my own selfish interests to eclipse a proper discussion on the music.  This was unprofessional and unfair.  This was a colossal error on my part and for that I am truly sorry.  I cannot help but think I have let a number of people down.

From the very beginning of these posts I expressed that I have felt a great connection to Jahméne’s work.  This remains true.  Why do I feel this connection?  Well, again the answer cannot be given as though it were separate from me.  I know what it is to be hurt and have pain inflicted on me.  I know what it is to find my strength in faith.  I know what it is to lose a loved one in a truly awful circumstance.  I know what it is to believe that you have a tremendous gift to give the world but fighting a constant battle with nerves and uncertainty.  I know what it is to fight with depression.  Since I do not believe in comparison  I simply state this as I want to set my experience of Unfathomable Phantasmagoria in a proper context.

I now see a number of the songs on this album in a rather different light and wish to apologise if my words thus far have caused any upset or offence.  I see there is pain in a number of the tracks and hope my words did not read as too insensitive.  There are only a few days left on the album review but I hope and pray that from here on in the words found on this blog will be a more appropriate and accurate reflection of the incredible music as found in Unfathomable Phantasmagoria.

I am still learning…


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