Two Weeks With Jahméne Douglas’ U.P – Day Eight



We have reached a turning point.  In preparing for this blog I had an inkling that when we passed day seven that the style of the blog would shift somewhat.  I think this was experienced by many of those who read yesterday’s blog as this was expressed to me through a variety of forms of social media.  Perhaps it was because in discussing the song for yesterday; Is This The Time? the blog looked at the theme of honesty and how this comes across in the song.  I don’t know about anyone else but I do know that when I listen to a song as profoundly moving as this that it does cause me to examine my own life and ask; am I being honest with myself?

This is a question I believe will take a lifetime to answer fully, but I can at least answer if I being honest with myself in wherever I find myself at this time.  Am I being honest with Jesus in relation to my faith?  Am I being honest with others in my relationships with them?  Am I being honest with myself in relation to how I live out my call in life?  These are not questions which are dealt with easily as they do cause us to take a serious look at ourselves and question whether or not we are heading in the right direction.  There comes a turning point in all our lives when we must stop, take stock of where we are, and ask where we want to go.  Should we see the need to change direction, perhaps even turn around, this will have life changing consequences.  This is summed up in the most beautiful Greek word: metanoia.  Isn’t that a beautiful word?  It’s lovely!  It quite literally means to change one’s mind.  This action of changing and transformation requires many things.  In my view the most important of these is Humility.  This will be the topic for tonight’s blog on the track Look Up.

Look Up – Humility

Look Up follows on from Is This The Time in quite an appropriate way.  It too deals most honestly with the matter of what do we do when things are going wrong and where can we turn.  The times this song deals with are indeed heart wrenching moments.  “What do you when everything seems bad things are all wrong?  What do you do when searching for answers and they take so long?  What do you when you’ve done all you can to make things right again but it’s still broken?”  You can hear the voice of the artist crying out.  This is done in an incredibly gentle way but you can hear the hurt and pain in the words of this song.  This could easily be a lament and one could wonder how this song will go but Jahméne offers us the direction immediately following the aforementioned lyrics: Just look up.

Again, I should not like to take anything for granted in regard to what any of those who read this blog believe or do not believe.  Interestingly Jahméne takes the same approach in this song.

We are told to “Just look up there is an answer.  Just look up just keep your eyes to the sky.  Just look up there is an answer if you just look up.”  The repetition throughout the song suggests Jahméne is asking the listener, “Have you got the message yet?” Not in any sort of imposing way but rather through a gentle, loving approach.

As I have said these moments of questioning can be painful.  When we do feel alone it can be difficult to look to someone else for help.  This is where Humility comes in.  Humility is a very interesting topic as it can be understood in a number of ways.  There is a false representation of this virtue as we are often told presented with humility as seeing yourself as having less importance or less strength and therefore require the help of another.  This is wrong.  It is also presented as being equated with meekness, or unassertiveness.  Again this is untrue.  There lies a deeper more profound and ultimately meaning to humility which holds great purpose and which I believe is to be found in this most lovely song.

Humility has two forms; objective humility and subjective humility.  Objective humility is that of littleness, poverty, lowliness etc.  These are not the same thing as having little importance.  Subjective humility is a little more tricky and is concerned with the recognition a person may have of their own humility (whether that be found in their littleness, poverty etc).  Subjective humility is where we find the sacred virtue of humility from which all other virtues come.  As the great Saint Augustine said, “Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist, there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance.”  If I am not humble any other virtue I have will only be an illusion.

As I have said if we are truly humble then this will not be an endpoint but rather a beginning; it will reveal something to us.  For instance it may reveal to someone; I have to give of my wealth if I am to be truly rich.  There is a unifying truth which I believe we can each learn if we have humility, namely who we are, where we have come from and what we were made for.  We were made for something.  None of us created ourselves after all.  If we can recognise ourselves as being children of God who are loved by God then we no longer measure our successes and failures by what the world defines as a success or failure but rather how they live up to the our own imitation of Christ.  This is not a challenge for the meek, or for one with little importance or less strength.  This challenge will last our whole life long.

If we are to be truly humble then we will be acknowledge our own littleness (we are called to be Childlike in our nature…not childish) then when we search for meaning in an uncertain world we will have no option other than to Just Look Up.  Here’s a quote from me (and after having just worked a fourteen and a half hour shift I’m quit proud of it!) and it is that – In your littleness there is your greatness.

With humility we can embrace a profound metanoia.  Our perspective of life can change and we can have a new Vision.  This will be the theme for tomorrow’s blog in relation to the next track When I See Ya.

Good night everyone.

Love and Blessings

Dom x

“In your littleness there is your greatness.”



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