Two Weeks with Jahméne Douglas’ U.P – Day Two



If you’re reading this then it means your interest in the two week blogathon has some life in it and if you are journeying with me as I spend this fortnight not only reviewing but also reflecting on the impact of Unfathomable Phantasmagoria!  If you are reading this then I am indebted to you and am entirely grateful that you will choose to spend this time with us.  Also I apologise that I am so late posting this blog (I did say it could be midnight…or after midnight in this case!) however due to work commitments my evening was taken up.

In yesterday’s blog I looked at the first two tracks of Jahméne’s new album with the focus of Never Too Far Away being on the immediacy of love.   On further reflection I should add to that the word awareness.  Love may be surrounding us and may be part of our life but we may not yet be aware of it or even able to put the title to it.  I think this was an important distinction to make as it raises it’s head once more in the focus of today’s blog, the song itself titled Love to which I have given the subject: Exploring.


Second Day: Love – Exploring

This wonderful track begins with lines which immediately grab my attention: “Did you know that I couldn’t go to sleep last night?  Only coz you’re on my mind…”  Automatically this is something which I can identify all too well with.  I remember those occasions in the past in which after encountering someone, engaging with them, spending time with them etc you vaguely become more aware of your feelings towards them.  It is a wonderfully exciting and nerve wracking time!  “Do they like me?  Do they not?  Why won’t they call/text?  They’re amazing!!” It’s funny but I was actually speaking to a friend tonight and we agreed that neither of us would want to go through our teenage years again because of these very feelings! But I think we’ve all been there at some point…

That’s one of the reasons I find this track so enjoyable as it reminds me that in those moments when I feel these emotions I know I’m not alone.

The song continues as Jahméne tries to put words to how he feels for another in full knowledge that as you begin to fall for another person this begins to build up momentum in your feelings for them and pretty soon you are, “In an unfamiliar place.”  Another line in the song that I found absolutely marvellous was, “You got me taking the long way to work today, girl.  Just so I can talk to you a little longer.”  I absolutely love this part of the song as I’ve been there so many times in my life and I cannot help but laugh and recall those moments!  Someday I may be there again, who knows!  How often have we found ourselves thinking “Never thought that I’d find the love that I deserve.” in our own lives?  And yet we are all deserving of such love, but sometimes it is that bit more difficult to see the wood for the trees.  The important thing to remember here, again, is that you are not alone in these feelings.

And so we go on exploring these very new waters with some excitement and trepidation.  In this moment of exploring the new water of love our whole life is irrevocably changed.  Nothing will ever be the same again.  This is both spectacular and terrifying…in my view.  The more I listened to this track of Unfathomable Phantasmagoria the more I became aware that what I believe Jahméne is trying to get across in this song is quite simply: you do not choose who you fall in love with.  Love can creep up on us and surprise us.  When you have fallen for someone, you can either run from them, or embrace them…  Should we choose the latter this will form the subject of tomorrow’s blog, Catch the Rhythm I will give the heading: Dancing.

A Close

I thought I might like to close today’s entry with a little poem/prayer I composed some time ago on Love.  I hope ya’ll enjoy it and God bless your night!

Dom x


How long will you face be hidden?

How long are we to be apart?

How long must I sit here,

Yearning to give you my heart?


I have tried moving on,

Tried ignoring my heart’s cry.

But when I do I only end up

Living my life as a lie.


My heart is yours,

Take and do what you will,

All  I ask is that

You would do so well.


Please enjoy my heart, 

Please don’t turn it away.

For without You in my life,

I’d have no words to say.


It is my heart’s desire,

To be the one who makes you smile,

Why must such a simple thing,

Be such a complex trial?




Love is worth waiting for,

It is worth all the pain.

All the hurt, yearning and cries,

Love is my aim. 


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