Space for Grace book…It is accomplished

14046139_1070326253046943_4954139563388720993_n.jpgAs Christ’s life draws to a close on  Calvary he offers a number of words from the cross.  He tells the Beloved Disciple John that this is his Mother.  To Mary he tells that this is her Son.  In doing so he places Mary into the care of St John, but also places St John into the care of Our Lady.  Jesus gives three stark words before bowing his head and giving up his spirit; “It is accomplished.” (John 19:30).  Jesus’ earthly work may be accomplished but the work of the Church has just begun and Mary’s work has been given a new lease of life.  In placing John into her care Christ places every single one of us into her care as well.  Mary’s love for each of us is equal to her love for St John.  She is mother of the Church and Queen of Heaven.  In accepting this role Mary watches over each of us in our daily lives, walks with us and wraps us in her mantle of loving care and protection.  Truly she is Our Lady; Mother and Queen.

It is perhaps no coincidence that I write these words today as we remember at our Celebrations of the Eucharist throughout the entire Church the name of Mary our Mother and our Queen.  Today I sent off my final corrections and amendments to my publisher for the 1upcoming book Space for Grace: Stories from the Catholic Chaplaincy at Queen’s University Belfast.  Today I can acclaim those three beautiful words: “It is accomplished.”  Who would have thought two years ago when I set out with nothing more than a dictaphone, notebook and pen that at last the work would be finished and the book will soon go to print?  I am under no illusions however; I know that this bit of the work may be accomplished but there is more work to be done, which may be altogether more difficult!

For instance I still face the issue of fundraising for the book.  That’s right I have not yet reached my necessary target for funding this book!  So I continue to make this appeal to those who may have money available to them who could help.  Many people have offered incredibly generous donations thus far.  I think it is an amazing testament to the generosity of those around me that I have asked for help and they in turn have given it.  More often than not it has left me rather emotional!  Let’s face it we are all struggling to make ends meet at the moment and still people around me continue to amaze and inspire me by offering their well earned money to help me.  I need to raise a substantial amount of money…it’s literally thousands! I appeal to those who may have money to spare or know of such people or groups.  To those who have offered donations already I ask for your continued prayers as this incredibly difficult wall is scaled brick by brick.

I reiterate the promises I have made throughout this process:

DSC_0048-If you make a donation of any amount and do not wish to remain anonymous all names will be acknowledged in the final book (however I will be sending a final list of names to the publisher next Thursday)

-Anyone who donates £25.00 or more will be acknowledged, will receive a special signed copy of the book and invited to the official book launch.

– I do not intend to retire off this book!! 20% of any revenue which I stand to make from the revenue this book may generate will be put into a fund which can be applied to by other writers who may find themselves in a similar scenario.

Think of it; we have the opportunity to give future writers the chance to have a sum of money available to them should they encounter the always tricky matter of funding.  There is so much money out there and I do not believe it should ever hinder someone from achieving their dreams and goals.  Please help me with this work.

If anyone wishes to make a donation please tell them that they can do so via PayPal by sending to my email or by contacting me directly here or through my Facebook page: Dominic O’Reilly Writer…or by Twitter (@DominicOReilly)…or by LinkedIn…or Instagram (dominicoreilly)…I’m even on Snapchat now! (dominicvoreilly) Anyway please do get in touch.  I’ve a lot planned for the launch of this book and I really want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the celebrations!

I hope to hear from you sometime and you will all hear much more from me in the coming weeks as we move closer to having this book printed and published…it’s a very exciting time.  However I offer a prayer today for the intercession of the Blessed Mother; Queen of Ireland, Queen of Heaven.  To God be the greater glory, now and forever Amen.








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