Space for Grace update and opportunity

Space for Grace back cover**Space for Grace book update and opportunity**

Around a month ago I put out an appeal in the hopes of raising funds to pay for the publication of my upcoming book Space for Grace: Stories from the Catholic Chaplaincy at Queen’s University Belfast. The response was absolutely incredible. Donations poured in quickly and so many people were kind enough to make really rather sizeable donations.

I still have a ways to go with regard to raising funds. However I am still amazed at what has come in. So tonight I’m putting out this last effort in the hopes that people will continue to share information about the book and the fundraising can continue.

While this book has been two years in the making (it’s been a long two years) the story of the Catholic Chaplaincy at QUB goes back over one hundred years. It is a truly incredible story when you consider the many people who ministered to the student body, staff and visitors. It is incredible when you consider some of the figures who walked those corridors; many of whom were kind enough to offer heartfelt contributions to the book which is due for publication!

When this book is published you will be able to read the stories of people who substantially contributed to shaping the political arena of Northern Ireland, People such as Margaret Ritchie, Professor Monica McWilliams, Eamonn McCann and Austin Currie. You will read stories of clergy who experienced life on the university campus such as Bishop Donal McKeown, Fr David Delargy, Fr Seán O’Donnell and more. You will hear from those who are deeply involved in the life of the Church at present (while working within their own respective fields) such as Dr Denise McKeegan and DrDeclan McLaughlin. Listen to those who have been among the staffers of a university setting such as Dr Gaven Kerr, Lady Brenda McLaughlin, the current Vice Chancellor at QUB Prof Patrick Johnston and others. There is also word from artists such as Andrea Begley and more. Not forgetting phenomenal contributions from the chaplains themselves; Bishop Patrick Walsh, Monsignor Ambrose Macauley, Bishop Anthony Farquhar, Fr Joe Gunn and Fr GJ Toman.

So please folks if you can make a donation towards the funding of this book I would be immensely grateful. I have stood by the promises I made at the beginning:
-If you make a donation and do not wish to remain anonymous all names will be acknowledged in the final book (however I meet with the publisher on Wednesday and must submit a final page of names!)
-Anyone who donates £25.00 or more will be acknowledged, will receive a special signed copy of the book and invited to the official book launch
– I do not intend to make my fortune off this book!! 20% of any revenue which I stand to make from the revenue this book may generate will be put into a fund which can be applied to by other writers who may find themselves in a similar scenario.

If anyone wishes to make a donation please tell them that they can do so via PayPal by sending to my email or by contacting me directly here or through my Dominic O’Reilly Writer page.

I must offer sincere thanks to local artist Daniel McCabe for allowing me to make use of his stunning photographs in the chaplaincy itself, as well asLiz Wade for her portrait photography some time ago.

So please friends, like and share this status. The last time I made such a post the response was truly inspiring. Please please help me see this dream reach its fruition and make Space for Grace. Thank you all again. God bless! DV


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