Fundraising for my Book!

Space for Grace (1)Okay folks as promised, here is the update on the fundraising! I’ve attached what is my working title and cover for the book, Space for Grace: Stories from the Catholic Chaplaincy at Queen’s University Belfast (I really hope I get to use this one for the final book!) Space for Grace are words I associate with Bishop Donal McKeown and I think they really are the ones that sum up the The Catholic Chaplaincy at QUB. It is a physical place but creates space for grace within each of us. It exists within the Diocese of Down and Connor but is open to one and all. A truly welcoming home away from home for many.

In the last few days the fundraising for this book has well and truly kicked off and I am currently sitting at 2% of my target. For this I am truly grateful and indeed humbled. Now I just need to find the next 98%

What will your money go towards? It will go towards the printing of the books, it will go towards a grand launch for the book, and it will go towards the promotional material.

What do you get if you choose to donate? Unless you wish to remain anonymous I intend to acknowledge anyone who donates money in the final printed book (this is subject to the publisher’s printing times). Anyone who donates £25.00 or more will receive a special signed edition of the book. There are only 100 copies of this edition. All contribution figures will remain confidential. You will also be personally invited to the book launch.

I remain steadfast in my commitment that 20% of any revenue which I personally stand to make after publication will be placed in a fund which other aspiring young writers can apply to. There are some phenomenal writers out there and they all deserve a chance.

How can you donate? The easiest way to donate is to send funds to my PayPal account. The account to send money to is however should you wish to donate money to me simply contact me here or through my Dominic O’Reilly Writer page.

I really can’t believe that the end point is in sight and that this book will soon become a lived reality. To those who are generous enough to give I cannot emphasise just how much you will have touched my heart and the hope you have sparked within me. Your kindness and support will never be forgotten and will always be treasured.

I would really appreciate if you could like this post and share it as far and wide as you can. Obviously I want as many people as possible to avail of this opportunity! Thank you all so so much once more for everything and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time. God bless ya’ll! ‪#‎AMDG‬


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