Keeping the Trend: Nothing Special


I received so much support on the last post entitled Without You Lord that  I thought I’d try and keep the trend going with another little prayer which was written a few years back.  I’ve also decided that I will upload a number of these in a bit of a series as in my journals they appear to go on a bit of a journey themselves.  Which is odd for me given that most things I do don’t tend to be planned out…they just seem like a good idea at the time! But so does this.  So, I hope y’all enjoy the next offering which is called Nothing Special.  All feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed as usual!

Nothing Special

I know I’m nothing special

I’ll never stand in Croke and raise Sam high

I’ll never release an album millions will buy.


I won’t paint something to hang in a gallery

Nor for my presence will there be a great fee.


I can’t walk on the moon

Or discover ancient ruins.


I don’t plan to ever swim the seas

And I shall never cure some awful disease.


I will never accumulate great sums of wealth

Nor release a cream to slow down death.


But God loves me

And I love Him

His son Jesus died for me

So I live for Him

His Spirit lives in my heart

Keeping me going, even in the hurt.


So I hold my head high

And shout out with pride

“Yes Lord, you love me!

Yes Lord, I love thee!”


I know I’m nothing special

But in His eyes I’m more.

I am the hands to lift you when you fall

And the eyes to see your beauty.

Even when you’d rather lay down and die

I shall do my best to lift you high.

I won’t always get it right,

But oh, how I shall try.


And so it comes to me Lord;

I may think I’m nothing special

But for you to love me as you do

I must be something special

Thank you Lord


Never forget folks, each and every one of us is special.  We are all incredible.  You are doing just fine.  You are loved!  Have a wonderful day.


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