A (Brief) Day in the Life…


Today I have set a large space of time aside to write.  The whole day in fact.  I have promised myself that I will get much writing done before going to my regular work at 6:00pm.  Yet when asked today “What have you been up to today?” the honest reply was that I couldn’t actually remember!  However I’m aware that any writing I have managed to achieve was momentary.

What have I achieved today?

I have spent time with my parents.  I have caught a view of the Mourne Mountains I had not set eyes on before and spectacular it was too.  I have been able to complete a project which has been taking up some of my time.  I have talked with friends.  When buying a coffee I was able to laugh with them.  I watched the sea and the sea birds.  I moved with the wind while walking home.  I have heard music which I had not heard before.

When I eventually sat down to write my mind drifted.  It drifted towards music, towards other writers and towards other people.  Some of the reasons as to why I write.  Eventually I made the decision to allow my mind to go where it wanted.  When I do get writing done it is not achieved through a series of exercises and plans but rather I write because that is what I desire to do.  I love to write.

The work will get done eventually.  All is well.  That is enough for me.

Life is good.




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